SHI Wins the 2006 Best Shipbuilding Yard Award

Samsung Heavy Industries was recently honored with the "2006 Best Shipbuilding Yard Award" presented by Lloyds List Maritime Asia Magazine at the "Best Company of the Year" ceremony held at Sheraton Hotel, Malaysia.

The Best Shipbuilding Yard Award refers to selecting and announcing the best shipbuilding yard every year based on a scoring system including the following criteria: design capability, price competitiveness, corporate image assessment and readers preference. By receiving this award, it can be said that Samsung Heavy Industries has been recognized in overall categories including quality, technological edge and HSE.

The award, celebrating its 8th anniversary, is hosted by Lloyds List Maritime Asia Magazine, which selects one best company in each sector every year. There are 14 sectors in total including the best shipbuilding yard, container terminal, main line operator, ship manager, marine insurance provider, etc., and among domestic companies, Samsung Heavy Industries is the only domestic company to be honored with this award.

In fact, unlike port operation or marine transportation where European companies lead the global market, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese shipbuilding companies take up all top 10 spots in the shipbuilding industry. And SHI being honored with the Best Shipbuilding Yard Award signifies that among these companies, SHI was recognized as the "Worlds Best Shipbuilding Yard" in name and deed.

Several contributors enabled Samsung Heavy Industries to be honored with the Best Shipbuilding Yard Award. Samsung Heavy Industries was highly assessed not only for taking up the highest market share in the world in high value added vessels such as LNG vessels and drill ships for the purpose of energy exploration vessels in deep oceans, but also for exerting efforts in pioneering a new frontier which is dubbed as the blue ocean of the vessel such as icebreaking oil carriers to be used in polar waters and high speed passenger ships.