Petrobras Set to Begin Gasbol Repairs


Petrobras will begin the first stage of the repair work on the Bolivia-Brazil gas pipeline (Gasbol) on November 11th. The work is necessary because of the damage caused to the ducts by the strong rainfall in Bolivia in early April. Supply has been ensured by measures such reductions in the company's own consumption.

The first phase of the work is expected to last six days, while the second one, scheduled to begin on November 23rd, will last about 11 days. After the repairs, the pipeline will be put back in design conditions and operate at full capacity, recovering the system's reliability.

Acting jointly with the Ministry of Mines & Energy (MME) and the National System Operator (NSO), Petrobras assures it will attend to all of the contracted demand for the input.

The rains in Bolivia caused mudslides that partially damaged the gas pipeline that runs the production of a few Bolivian gas fields off to Brazil. The situation led Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB) to declare a condition of Force Majeur, which will remain in effect until the gas pipeline has been fully repaired.