Scan Geophysical to Shoot 2D Seismic Offshore Pakistan

Scan Geophysical

SCAN Geophysical ASA has signed a contract with GEMS International N.V. that calls for SCAN to acquire approximately 3,000 km of 2D seismic data offshore Pakistan for the Government of Pakistan.

The survey, which will take approximately one month to complete, is scheduled to begin mid-November of 2006 for the National Institute of Oceanography of Pakistan. The contract rates reflect increasing market prices for high-end 2D surveys in general. The survey will be conducted by SCAN's modern, high-capacity 2D vessel M/V Geo Searcher which has completed acquisition work offshore India using a 10,000 m long streamer and high-volume sources.

SCAN Geophysical ASA was established in 2002 as a Norwegian seismic data acquisition company specialized in both marine streamer seismic and ocean bottom cable seismic. The company is currently operating one 2D and one 3D streamer vessel, and will launch three new state-of-the-art 3D vessels and one 2002 built 2D vessel during 2007. The administration is located in Oslo, with representatives in Moscow, Houston, Singapore and Caracas. SCAN Geophysical ASA is listed on the Norwegian OTC list (SCAN).