TNK-BP Makes Discovery in Uvat


In the course of exploration activities in licensed areas located in the south of Tyumen Oblast, geologists of LLC TNK-Uvat (TNK-BP, BU Tyumen) discovered a new field, and it was decided to name it after Honored Geologist of the Russian Federation A.R.Malyk.

According to Uvat Exploration Project Manager Sergey Khafizov, J4 formation tests in appraisal well 5 Ust Tegussa drilled to the east from the field of the same name resulted in a minor oil influx reaching the surface. The new field is located within the Ust Tegussa licensed area. In memory of outstanding Tyumen geophysicist Anatoly Rodionovich Malyk, the discovery will be named "the Malyk field".

For many geologists and geophysicists currently employed by TNK-BP, Anatoly Rodionovich was a teacher and coach. That's why they decided it was their debt to eternize the teacher's name in the field they discovered.

Followers of Anatoly Rodionovich recall with pride his human qualities and Malyk's contribution to developments of geology and geophysics in West Siberia.

A.R.Malyk (1935 – 2006) started his professional career in 1958, having joined a seismic team of the Berezov Exploration Expedition as a senior technician after graduation from Kiev State University.

In the north of the region, he passed all steps of the job ladder, from an engineer operator to seismic team manager.

A.R.Malyk did not spare his time and efforts to organize and carry out seismic surveys in northern and central areas of West Siberia; he participated in introducing new well logging techniques and procedures, developing an optimized set of oil and gas exploration activities, from the prospecting stage through field monitoring. He directly participated in discovering Samotlor, Shukhtungorskoe, Varyogan and other major hydrocarbon fields.

From 1986, A.R.Malyk headed the ZapSibNIIGeofizika institute later renamed as FGUP ZapSibNIIGG. He was active in introducing institute developments not just in entities of West Siberia, but in other regions of the USSR and other countries as well. The countries where these developments were applied include Bulgaria, Yemen, and continental China. Research organizations and companies of US, Norway, and China established partnership relations with the institute. From 2004 till his last days Anatoly Malyk was an advisor of the ZapSibNIIGG General Director.

A.R.Malyk was decorated with two Orders of the Red Banner of Labor (1971, 1977), the Order of the Peoples' Friendship (1986), and three medals. He was awarded the badge of honor "300 Years of Mining and Geological Service of Russia". In 1992, A.R.Malyk was conferred the title of the Honored Geologist of the Russian Federation.