North Sea Divers' Strike 100% Solid Says RMT

More than 900 RMT diving personnel in the North Sea oil and gas industry have responded to the union's instruction to take action on pay with complete determination and an absolutely rock-solid strike, the union said today.

Commenting on reports coming in overnight and this morning from officials and reps, RMT general secretary Bob Crow said that the overwhelming rejection of the employers' pay offer had galvanized members into united and determined action.

"Our North Sea members' action is 100 percent solid this morning," Bob Crow said. "Every vessel operated by the signatories to the agreement is either in port or heading for port, and there are no diving support vessels operational in the North Sea

"Members on vessels as far afield as Singapore, the Canaries and Egypt have also joined the strike, and members have also walked out of training courses in Norway.

"We have been assured of complete support by our Norwegian union colleagues, and have received welcome offers of solidarity from the International Transport Workers' Federation and its affiliates.

"The mood is one of complete determination, and we will be holding a mass meeting of members in Aberdeen on Friday further to co-ordinate our strike efforts and to update members on any developments.

"The employers should now be in no doubt that our members are determined to reverse the decades of pay erosion and to win an acceptable pay award, and we are ready to talk with them at any time," Bob Crow said.