EnerMax Happy with Delta Farms South Results

EnerMax Inc.

EnerMax recently announced the successful drilling and completion of the Delta Farms South well located in southern Louisiana. Based on seismic analysis and drilling logs, the estimated barrels of oil in place are 3,147,237 BO and the estimated natural gas in place is 3,147,000,00 cubic feet (3,147 MMcf). Initial measurements predict a flow rate of approximately 500 barrels of oil per day (BOPD) plus associated gas.

Drilling operations on the Delta Farms South commenced on Friday, September 29th and the well was logged Friday, October 13, 2006. The well encountered the objective UL-4 Upper Cris 1 Sands at a measured depth of 11,942' and logged over 60' of net pay. The Delta Farms South should be turned to sales quickly, since it will be tied into an existing production facility.

Bret L. Boteler, President of EnerMax, is pleased with the results and is making plans for future operations in the area. "We have enough acreage to drill one additional developmental well in the immediate area and expect similar results from the offset location" said Boteler. More than a dozen wells in the surrounding area have produced more than one million barrels of oil each per completion with recoveries in excess of 800 barrels per acre-foot.

EnerMax Inc. is an independent oil and gas company founded by Bret L. Boteler in 2001. EnerMax specializes in the exploration and development of proven hydrocarbon reserves along the Texas / Louisiana Gulf Coast.

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