A2D Well Log Subscriptions Increase Data Access

A2D Technologies

The amount of well log data that is being accessed via so-called subscription access plans is on the rise, according to leading provider A2D Technologies. Citing internal figures, the Company believes that the increased pace and scope of exploration activity highlights the strengths of a data access model that facilitates rapid, high-volume data use, such as what is needed when evaluating a new exploration play.

In the past, commercial well logs were generally acquired with a perpetual license agreement, whose individual purchase often served as a cost barrier to the creation of an extensive dataset in a given area. With subscription licenses, however, operators pay for access in mass, managing costs while quickly populating their projects.

"We've found that companies who switch to this model end up using far more data then they originally predicted they would - especially logs in the depth calibrated smartRASTER® format - and without paying more," observed Russ Whisonant, Director of Sales-US A2D Technologies. "It's a real breakthrough for geologists not to have to pick and choose logs for a project anymore - they adapt quickly."

As an example of the trend, A2D points to Samson, a large independent exploration and production company headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who recently completed an agreement that will give the company unlimited access to well log data in the United States.

A2D's well log data is accessed via LOG-LINE Plus!®, a web-browser based tool for search and download. The Company has data coverage in key exploration areas worldwide, including the US, Canada, the Gulf of Mexico, offshore Northwest Europe, Russia and other CIS countries, West Africa and Madagascar.

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