Petrobras to Explore for Oil in Mozambique

Petrobras and the Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos (ENH), Mozambique's national oil company, signed a memorandum of understanding on October 27, for onshore and offshore oil and natural gas exploration in Mozambique.

The document was signed by Petrobras' International Area's executive manager for Business Development, Luis Carlos Moreira, and by the Chairman of the Board of the ENH, Issufo Anuar Daufo Abdula.

The memorandum also foresees biofuel research and production in Mozambique. The Mozambican government is interested in developing and producing biodiesel from jatropha, an oleaginous plant that is abundant in local vegetation, in addition to manufacturing ethanol from sugar cane.

The ENH is experienced in developing oil activities in Mozambique and has wide-ranging geophysical and geological knowledge regarding the country's sedimentary basins.

Aiming at hydrocarbon production, Petrobras already has participation in an exploration block in Mozambique, with Malaysian Petronas, located at the mouth of the Zambezi River.