Oilex Moving Forward with Cambay Development Plans

Oilex NL

The forward program at the Cambay field in India is being revised to account for managing the higher reservoir pressure in the deeper Eocene objective. Additional equipment is required and we are investigating the possibility of deepening the Cambay-71 well and drilling a larger diameter borehole than was originally planned through the Eocene section. Larger diameter casing than that used in Cambay-72 would be run to the current total depth in Cambay-71 prior to drilling the Eocene section providing additional flexibility for testing the shallower Miocene and Oligocene objectives. In the event that the tests are successful, the wells would be converted to long-term producers.

A tender is planned to secure the rig and services necessary to re-enter Cambay-71 and drill the Eocene section. Meanwhile, Joint Venture approvals are being sought for the forward drilling, testing and completion program.

The primary reservoir objective in both wells was the Oligocene sandstone (OS II) and the secondary objectives were at Miocene and Eocene levels.

Oil is being produced on the Western High at low rates on an intermittent basis from these units in wells that have suffered formation and well bore damage in the past. These reservoir units are also proven producers in fields nearby to the north and south of Cambay Field.