Mosaic Finds Gas at Churchie West-1

Mosaic Oil reports a stabilized gas flow of approximately 3.5 million standard cubic feet per day from the Churchie West-1 nearfield exploration well in Southeast Queensland, Australia.

The flow test was undertaken through one inch choke with flowing pressure of 118 psi over the openhole interval from 2135 meters to 2185 meters in the Tinowon Formation.

Churchie West-1 was drilled to the total depth of 2185 meters with nitrogen in the primary gas/condensate target reservoir, the Permian Tinowon Sandstone.

Churchie West-1 success has extended the productive Tinowon Sandstone reservoir fairway from the Churchie field into PL 213. The well is located 1.1 km from the Churchie separator and compressor station.

Participants in the PL 213 Churchie West Joint Venture are Mosaic Oil as operator with 83.3335 and Santos with 16.667%.