MCS Appoints New Riser Delivery Manager

MCS has reaffirmed its commitment to offering new expanded services to clients with the appointment of Andrew Wylie as Riser Delivery Manager.

Mr. Wylie, who moves to MCS from Technip, will help market the company's innovative new approach to riser delivery management which uses expert multidiscipline teams to deliver hardware for riser and flowline projects in the oil and gas subsea sector.

With MCS managing the delivery of the riser/flowline system on behalf of the client including all of the associated interfaces required from design and engineering through to final inspection and testing of the flexible structure itself, the move aims to allow operators to improve delivery time, reduce costs and uncertainty, and ensure delivery of a safe reliable riser/flowline system for deepwater developments.

Previous to his arrival at MCS, Mr. Wylie spent five years with Technip, rising through the ranks from graduate engineer to senior project engineer. His main areas of expertise are DSV operations, flexible pipe design and umbilical and flexible flowline installation.

In his new role he will focus on planning and organizing the deliverables for clients, initially concentrating on flexible pipe but eventually developing into the entire subsea system.

"MCS has become a market leader in flexible pipe design and I have a desire to succeed and to work for a company that is best in its class," said Mr. Wylie.

"As well as the knowledge within MCS, the latest technology and engineering know how within the construction sector of the industry shall be applied to the overall riser delivery service. This will ensure that the client will receive a reliable and efficient riser system from one independent source and it is a forward-thinking service that I am delighted to be developing."

MCS currently employs more than 140 people in six offices spread over four continents with plans to recruit a further 100 engineers over the next two years. The company's network of offices comprises Aberdeen, Scotland; Galway, Ireland; Houston, Texas; Paris, France; Perth, Australia and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

"MCS is now truly international with offices and contracts in the major oil and gas provinces around the world," said MCS director, Tim O'Sullivan.

"Our growth strategy, in which Andrew plays a key role, will ensure that we widen our services to become recognized as a major global subsea player."