WorleyParsons Wins Engineering Contract for Umm Shaif Field

Following the award of the ADMA-OPCO contract to Hyundai Heavy Industries Cpy Ltd (HHI) for the Umm Shaif Gas Injection Facilities (USGIF) Project, WorleyParsons Engineering Pty Ltd (a wholly owned Australian subsidiary of WorleyParsons Limited) has been awarded a Letter of Intent to provide detailed engineering services to HHI. This continues WorleyParsons involvement in this landmark project having completed the Front End Engineering Design from its offices in Perth, Australia.

The USGIF project will allow complete redevelopment of the field increasing gas injection rates to 3,000 million standard cubit feet of high pressure gas per day. Gas injection will cause significant increases in oil production for the remaining life of the field. The project involves the design, construction, installation and commissioning of three major offshore platforms, which connect to the existing field facilities through a substantial number of underwater pipelines, and interconnecting bridges.

HHI signed an agreement on 24th September 2006, which was valued in previous HHI press releases at US$1.6 billion. The scope of the reimbursable contract between HHI and WorleyParsons will see WorleyParsons provide detailed engineering and technical support to HHI, utilizing WorleyParsons' offices in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Abu Dhabi and is valued at approximately US$20 million.

WorleyParsons will lead the detailed engineering phase to a stage where it will be handed over to HHI for final completion at its construction yards in Ulsan, Korea. WorleyParsons will continue to be involved with engineering and technical support throughout the construction, installation and commissioning which ultimately completes by 2010.