10 Billion Cubic Meters of Gas Extracted from the Voelkersen Gas Field

RWE Dea AG has now extracted 10 billion cubic meters of gas from one of the largest gas fields in Germany, the Voelkersen field near Verden in Lower Saxony, where gas production commenced in 1992. This quantity is sufficient to supply 5 million homes with gas for one year.

With its roughly 70 employees, RWE Dea Lower Saxony Production Facilities in Langwedel-Holteb├╝ttel are responsible for the production activities at the Voelkersen gas field as well as for other fields. As well as this, it monitors the wells and production equipment, performs maintenance and repairs and ensures that the gas is transported to the customers.

The Voelkersen gas field is assumed to have remaining reserves of around 11 billion cubic meters. The field is to be systematically developed so that these quantities can also be tapped. "The Voelkersen field is one of our most important gas fields and will continue to play a crucial role for a long time to come," stresses RWE Dea COO Thomas Rappuhn.

Lower Saxony is the center of German gas production, accounting as it does for over 95 percent of domestic gas output. With a production volume of over 2 billion cubic meters of gas each year in this region. RWE Dea is one of the largest gas producers in Germany.