Total Executive Charged in Oil for Food Scandal

As often referred to in the press, for over two years the conditions for applying the United Nations sponsored oil-for-food program have been the subject of different investigations.

On October 19, 2006 Mr. Christophe de Margerie, President Exploration and Production for the Total Group and member of the Executive Committee, after being held in custody for 48 hours, has been formally charged within the framework of the investigation being held in Paris.

The Group would like to reassure Mr. de Margerie of its solidarity.

Total confirms that at no time did the Group circumvent the United Nations embargo against Iraq and strictly adhered to the rules of the oil-for-food program organised under the control of the United Nations. All oil acquired by the company, without exception, was purchased officially with the required authorizations under UN within the framework of the oil-for-food program put in place in 1996. The Group has never purchased, either directly or indirectly, oil that has been smuggled illegally from Iraq.

The Group reaffirms that it exercises its activities while respecting the law and adhering to its ethical code and values regardless of the difficulty and the complexity of its different activities.