NZOG Sees Further Add-on Prospects at Kupe Field

The Kupe gas condensate field now under development contains a number of additional prospects, New Zealand Oil & Gas Ltd says in its 2006 annual report.

NZOG, one of the original partners in the discovery of the offshore south Taranaki field, says there is a number of additional opportunities to the current development planned in the central Kupe field area.

The Kupe permit includes several discoveries made in the late 1980's and early 1990's (Toru-1, Kupe South-4 and Kupe South-5) as well as a series of prospects, which are adjacent to the central field area (Leith and Denby). The Kupe mining license (PML 38 146) was granted in 1992 over a 256.5 sq-km area

The NZOG report says there is also potential for additional gas within the north west block of the central field area itself, which will be determined once the initial production well into that block is drilled.

The company's September website presentation says that three discovery wells had already been drilled in the Kupe central field area with one of these KS-3 flowing 25 mmscfd of gas and 4500 bopd of oil.

But two other wells drilled on the structures south of the Kupe central area flowed 10 mmscfd of gas (KS-4) and 2300 bopd of oil (KS-5), respectively.

NZOG outlines in the presentation that additional prospects/leads are located adjacent to the central development area, with spare production capacity built-in to the central Kupe development program.

The Denby prospect to the south east of the proposed platform site and the Leith prospect to the south west, may possibly be drilled in 2007.

Other prospects include the KS-4 area, the KS-5 oil prospect, Stent, Marshall, and the Toru prospect (to the north of the permit).