Enventure Successfully Completes SET Install for Shell UK

Enventure Global Technology

Enventure Global Technology has successfully intalled a 7-5/8 x 9-5/8 in. cased-hole Solid Expandable Tubular (SET) for Shell UK. Additionally, a series of third-party qualification testing verified Enventure's cased-hole SET system as gas tight to meet the operator's requirements for the well.

"By installing a SET system to reinstate the casing barrier, our team saved an estimated $20 million in redrill costs," explained Suheyl Ozyigit, European Wells Delivery Leader for Shell E&P.

"This is a classic example of helping the operator see the applicability of expandables in the well and working with them in an expedited fashion to achieve the testing necessary to get the job done," said Kevin Stewart, Director of Sales - Europe, Russia and Arctic Regions. "We had all testing performed within four weeks of request, further demonstrating our ability to provide solid solutions in a pinch, as well as develop longer-term value by designing expandables into complex environments."

Third-party testing concluded that Enventure's elastomeric seals rated gas tight according to UKAS requirements for the well. The elastomeric seals, the sections of the system that hold the liner in place, can be supplied in a variety of compounds depending on downhole temperature and fluid compatibility.