Dolphin Offshore Signs MOU with IMPaC Offshore

Dolphin Offshore Enterprises India

Dolphin Offshore Enterprises India Ltd has signed a MOU with IMPaC Offshore engineering, GmbH, Germany to set up a joint venture company in India for providing design and engineering services for oil & gas, shipbuilding, ship repair and petrochemical industries.

IMPaC is a leading international Design and Engineering Company in Germany providing specialized services to the oil and gas industry (offshore and onshore), petrochemical industry and the construction industry.

The JVC shall operate in India and also in the countries in Middle East and South East Asia. The JVC shall also provide Business Process Outsourcing Services for engineering work procured by IMPaC in other parts of the world.

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Company: IMPaC Offshore Engineering, GmbH more info
 - Dolphin Offshore Signs MOU with IMPaC Offshore (Oct 13)