Horizon Marine Supports Rig Tow to Macae, Brazil

After 5500 nautical miles and 64 days at sea, the semisubmersible Noble Therald Martin arrived in Macae, Brazil. Horizon Marine's 22 years of experience in mapping and forecasting ocean currents came to the fore in assisting the routing of the rig prior to its departure and while underway.

Horizon Marine's 'Eddy Watch - Gulf of Mexico' and 'Eddy Watch –Trinidad/Venezuela' reports were issued to the tow vessels John P. Laborde and Maersk Master and used with great effect.

"By using our maps, the rig was able to avoid the Caribbean Current and the North Brazil Current (NBC) and catch favorable currents including an NBC ring, the Northern Equatorial Counter Current (NECC), and the Brazil Current", notes Horizon Marine's Vice President, Patrice Coholan.

Steve Anderson, Chief Scientist from Horizon Marine said that, "The rig bettered the projected average speed by half a knot, averaging 4 knots over the course of the tow as they were 'boosted' by strong currents. The rig sometimes averaged 5 knots or better for extended periods of time."

Traditionally Horizon Marine has focused north of the equator, but with the analysis and interpretation of satellite imagery and NOAA drifting GPS buoys, the route south of the equator was charted for and journeyed by the Noble Therald Martin without any surprises.

Horizon Marine's President, Jim Feeney commented on the success of the tow by saying, "Our service saved the tugs at least two weeks of sea time and 243,000 gallons of fuel between the two ships and the rig- that's a saving of around a half a million dollars in fuel alone!"

As operations move further offshore into deeper water and assets are moved between oil fields, Horizon Marine's 'Eddy Watch' and 'Rig Watch' programs are becoming an essential service to the oil industry.

Horizon Marine Inc. is an oceanographic services company specializing in operational marine data collection and analysis services operating the Eddy Watchsm Service in the Gulf of Mexico and offshore Trinidad. Eddy Watch is the product of current meter data, GPS/Argos drifting buoys, sea surface temperature satellite images, ocean color, altimetry, sea surface measurements, ship-board and aerial surveys, and numerical models, all of which are painstakingly reviewed and analyzed by a team of specialists with over 22 years of experience. The company also specializes in oceanographic studies, hindcasts, and site-specific surveys. Clients for Eddy Watch include energy companies, related oil-field service providers and government agencies.