Calvalley Petroleum Receives Pipeline Approval in Yemen

Calvalley Petroleum

Calvalley Petroleum has received a formal approval from the Ministry of Oil and Minerals of the Republic of Yemen to construct 250 kilometers of 16 inch diameter pipeline along a proposed pipeline right of way between Block 9 to Block 18.

The Pipeline will traverse the stretch of desert land between the two aforementioned Blocks and will lie across several other Blocks, serving as a major transportation line for existing and future users of the pipeline and enabling a critical tie-in to the export pipeline in existence on Block 18 which leads to the Ras Isa Terminal on the Red Sea. Calvalley will be the Operator of the Pipeline.

Calvalley has retained the services of a Calgary-based engineering firm to design and assist in the procurement and construction of the Pipeline. It is expected that the tendering process for material, equipment and construction of the Pipeline will commence within the next 30 days.