OMNI Resumes Operations in Venice

OMNI Energy Services Corp.

OMNI Energy Services Corp. has resumed its dockside environmental cleaning operations in Venice, Louisiana, more than a year after cessation of operations as a result of Hurricane Katrina. OMNI previously announced it had leased approximately 7.5 acres of waterfront property situated near Tiger Pass in Venice, Louisiana. With approximately 800 feet of bulkhead, waterfront property, OMNI intends to expand the services provided at this location to include dockside logistical support, equipment storage, crane services and equipment rental.

Commenting on the resumption of operations in Venice, Louisiana, James C. Eckert, Chief Executive Officer, said "We are very excited to resume operations at what has historically been an integral location in providing support services to oil and gas companies operating in the Eastern and Central Gulf of Mexico. The resumption of these operations, including the expansion of the services provided, has been very well received by our customers. We remain confident that the reopening of this facility will afford our Preheat and Trussco business units added opportunity to expand their customer base. Additionally, with increased drilling activity in the Gulf of Mexico, we anticipate Venice will resume its position as a key logistical support hub for the offshore energy industry."

Headquartered in Carencro, LA, OMNI Energy Services Corp. offers a broad range of integrated services to geophysical companies engaged in the acquisition of on-shore seismic data and to oil and gas companies operating primarily in the Gulf of Mexico. OMNI provides its services through three business divisions: Seismic Drilling (including drilling, survey and permitting services), Environmental Services and Equipment Leasing. OMNI's services play a significant role with geophysical companies who have operations in marsh, swamp, shallow water and the U.S. Gulf Coast also called transition zones and contiguous dry land areas also called highland zones.