Mustang Teams Up with Cutler Technology

Mustang Engineering has formed an alliance with Cutler Technology Corporation to be the preferred independent service provider for CTC's new [ADMC] adaptive multivariable controller and CTC-Sim operator training technology. Cutler Technology was formed in 1999 by Dr. Charles R. Cutler. Dr. Cutler was the creator of Dynamic Matrix Control in the 1970's and the founder of [DMC] Corp. in 1984. He has over 40 years experience and is considered the pioneer of industrial Advanced Process Control.

The [ADMC] controller uses an open-loop model created by patented technology, minimizing issues with the PID controllers in the process control hierarchy. The open-loop model remains valid whether the valves are fully open or closed, typically capturing an additional 2-3% plant capacity that is unavailable with traditional multivariable controllers. The [ADMC] controller model also provides the core of CTC's dynamic operator training simulator. The first commercial application of [ADMC] is currently running in a catalytic cracking unit at a Texas refinery and can be applied in downstream, midstream and upstream process facilities. CTC-Sim operator training simulators have been implemented at several sites in the Gulf Coast region.

"Mustang is very excited about the advantages that CTC's new technology brings to the process industry," stated Don Colchin, manager of Mustang Automation and Control. "We believe this alliance will provide best-in-class applications along with a proven implementation methodology to deliver additional bottom-line results to our clients."

Mustang's Advanced Process Control (APC) practice provides independent APC services to the process industries, utilizing a variety of hardware and software solutions. Each project leader has more than 15 years experience applying today's APC technologies. Mustang provides a broad range of design, automation, and information services to meet the full range of customer requirements for APC.