Wellstream's FlexSteel Wins Enbridge Technology Award

Wellstream International's FlexSteel pipeline technology has won the prestigious "Enbridge International New Pipeline Technology Award" at the inaugural International Pipeline Awards held at the 2006 International Pipeline Exposition, Calgary.

This award was presented to the company who, in the opinion of the judges, had contributed significantly to the development of the pipeline industry, in relation to the following criteria:

- Demonstration that the product will influence future projects for the better
- Reduction of project execution or ongoing operating costs
- Reduction of the environmental footprint and
- Contribution to pipeline safety.

Don Crawford, Senior Operations Manager, Wellstream Canada said 'This award is a fantastic achievement for a new product that has only been in the market for 2 years. FlexSteel is a new flexible onshore pipeline technology that uniquely combines the manufacturing, transportation and installation advantages of flexible pipe with the strength of steel and the corrosion resistance of polymers. Customer feedback consistently highlights the product's toughness coupled with its ease of handling and installation as well as the capital and operational cost savings being realized.'

Wellstream International Limited, founded in 1983, has a worldwide reputation in the provision of high quality spoolable pipeline products, systems and solutions to the offshore oil and gas sector. Its pipeline portfolio includes established product lines such as dynamic flexible risers and static flowlines, for deep and ultra-deepwater environments, in addition to newer products designed for onshore (FlexSteel) and high temperature/high pressure products for drilling and service applications. In March 2003, following a management buy-in, Wellstream is now an independently owned company with offices/facilities in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, Panama City, Houston and Denver, USA, Calgary, Canada, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Perth, Australia.