Fugro-Jason Expands PowerBench Product Suite

Fugro-Jason announced the availability of PowerBench Geology for geological interpretation. This addition to the PowerBench suite was acquired from a large independent oil company that had invested more than 20 years in developing the underlying technology. PowerBench is a Windows-based application suite for Geology, Geophysics, Petrophysics, and Engineering.

"Geological interpretation is fundamental to providing a single consistent model of the earth," said Eric Adams, Managing Director of Fugro-Jason. "Through this strategic acquisition we were able to add time-tested capability to PowerBench and make that capability available to our customers very rapidly."

PowerBench Geology enables unified handling of subsurface geology, well bore equipment and production data. It features an integrated base map and interpretation canvas that handles tens of thousands of wells quickly and efficiently, and a geologic cross section builder that features structural and stratigraphic cross section interpretation. The PowerBench suite encompasses the E&P workflow and includes petrophysical interpretation, seismic and rock property volume interpretation, geologic interpretation, mapping, framework and 3D property modeling, and streamline simulation.

"PowerBench Geology provides unique integration between the geological and engineering disciplines," remarked Brad Woods, General Manager of Fugro-Jason Reservoir Products Division. "This is a critical integration for our customers, and through our acquisition we are now able to deliver this new functionality in a form that has been field tested and continuously improved over the past 20 years."