WellDog Receives Federal Laboratory Consortium Award


WellDog, Inc. of Laramie, Wyoming and Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center (RMOTC) of Casper have been honored by the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) for their collaboration during WellDog's development of its breakthrough Coal Bed Methane (CBM) dissolved gas evaluation technology. That technology led directly to commercialization in 2005 of WellDog's Critical Gas Content service, which indicates CBM areas that will produce more gas faster with less water production.

At the 2006 Annual Meeting of the FLC Mid-Continent and Far West Region in Colorado Springs, Colorado, WellDog and RMOTC were awarded the "Outstanding Partnership" award. Wayne Greenberg, CEO of WellDog and Doug Tunison of RMOTC co-accepted the award.

WellDog contacted RMOTC with the concept of testing its downhole methane sensing tool at RMOTC's Teapot Dome Field test site. In response to WellDog's specifications, RMOTC configured a special well and fluid column for WellDog's exclusive use. WellDog was allowed unlimited access to the well, and their crews made several calibration runs while enroute to their Powder River Basin customers.

"We are excited to receive this award with RMOTC," said Greenberg. "Working with RMOTC has proven invaluable in continuing to advance our technology and we appreciate the FLC's recognition of the importance of partnerships in technology transfer."

WellDog and RMOTC have an opportunity to continue their collaboration with RMOTC's recently completed large bore test wells. These wells can be charged with water and solution gas of various compositions for simulation of CBM producing zones.

Formed in 1995, RMOTC offers the petroleum industry access to an operating oilfield for testing a wide range of petroleum-related technologies.

Founded in 1999, WellDog, Inc. develops chemical sensing technologies for natural gas exploration and production. WellDog services give coalbed natural gas developers the information they need to increase gas production. The coalbed natural gas industry has been identified as the fastest growing sector of natural gas production in the U.S. WellDog provides services in major coal basins in the Western United States and Canada.