Geo Challenger to Complete 4D Survey with Sercel Sentinel Solid Streamers


CGG says that its new flagship vessel, the Geo Challenger, is set to successfully complete a 4D seismic survey for a major North Sea client offshore Norway, her first major acquisition project since her launch in June.

The assignment, covering an exceptionally large surface area of 930 square kilometers, has been particularly challenging in that the vessel has been required to achieve excellent repeatability on a baseline survey of the same area acquired by another contractor in 1997, in order to monitor reservoir changes around production facilities.

The Geo Challenger is shooting the repeat survey with twelve 5,100-m Sercel Sentinel solid streamers with a 50 m separation whereas an eight 3,600-meter streamer configuration had been deployed for the base survey. The new solid streamers have demonstrated good stability in rough waters, allowing better control over the vessel's complex configuration due to the close streamer spacing, and offered the advantage of reduced tow-related noise, enabling the vessel to continue operating in marginal weather conditions.

"The Geo Challenger has more than met our expectations, achieving excellent productivity and very high repeatability on her first major deployment. As the first seismic vessel in the world to operate with this new solid streamer technology, she has successfully demonstrated her advanced acquisition capabilities on a particularly challenging survey with complex parameters," said Christophe Pettenati-Auziere, President of Geophysical Services.

The Geo Challenger is scheduled to sail to India in October where she will join other CGG vessels contracted to conduct a deepwater seismic program for ONGC off the Eastern coast.