4th Wave Imaging and Fugro Join Forces in 4D Seismic Processing


4th Wave Imaging and Fugro Seismic Imaging have joined forces to provide advanced 4D Seismic Data Processing services to the oil and gas industry. This effort combines 4th Wave Imaging's leading-edge 4D seismic expertise with Fugro Seismic Imaging's extensive data processing track record and resources to provide high-quality 4D results in a timely, cost-effective manner. As more operators routinely adopt 4D or time-lapse seismic as a reservoir monitoring tool, surveys must be processed accurately and in time to impact reservoir management decisions. This unique combination of people, technology and infrastructure will address this rapidly growing need.

David Lumley, 4th Wave Imaging's co-Founder and Chief Scientist, stated "our advanced seismic imaging technology is focused on practical, accurate methods of characterizing and monitoring oil and gas production from petroleum reservoirs. 4D seismic can dramatically lower the economic risks and increase the ultimate recovery efficiency of hydrocarbon production in these fields. Fast, accurate processing of 4D data is essential to achieving these goals."

Fugro Seismic Imaging offers a wide range of seismic data processing services including 3D prestack time and depth imaging. Their approach emphasizes careful amplitude handling while providing the timely turnaround needed to meet customer demands. Fugro's combination of skilled geophysicists, a commitment to utilize advances in technology, and to continually improve and update processing software allows them to meet today's challenges within the industry and to provide a unique level of service to add maximum value to all seismic products.