Object Reservoir's Resolve 3.4 Meets the Challenges of Tight Gas Completion

Object Reservoir has released Resolve(TM) 3.4, a finite element, fluid flow technology capable of modeling the details of unconventional plays. Now operators can gain quick understanding about the performance of each well, completion, and reservoir - individually and as a whole system.

It is the unique combination of fluid flow modeling, the finite element method, and automatic meshing that enables users to analyze the well and completion explicitly. Changes in geology are automatically re-meshed, so altering frac properties, such as frac orientation to evaluate different options, takes minutes instead of weeks. When applied to unconventional tight gas plays, this approach to well and reservoir analysis reveals maximum insight into fluid flow - especially at the fracture.

"Every field is different, so modeling before drilling creates best practices and improves returns," said Object Reservoir President and CEO Gene Ennis. "Instead of drilling for answers, engineers, geoscientists and others involved in making decisions about assets can use automeshing to integrate all information quickly to determine the economic viability of tight gas plays."

Applications include:

  • Developing best practices that are less risky and more cost efficient
  • Optimizing production in spacing, half-lengths and number of fracs with Resolve's built-in flexibility for testing multiple drilling scenarios
  • Creating new drilling plans and completion strategies by modeling new approaches to understand potential performance gains