Friede & Goldman and China Ship Design Team Up

Friede & Goldman (F&G) has signed an agreement to form a joint venture with China Ship Design & Research Center Co., Ltd. (CSDC). The new joint venture, named Friede Goldman China, Ltd. (FGC), will be based in Dalian, China. CSDC's president, Mr. Zhao Zhanjun, and F&G's president, Mr. Paul Geiger Jr., will serve alternately as Chairman and Vice Chairman of FGC. Today, China's shipbuilding industry is experiencing exponential growth and FGC will be in perfect position to take advantage of the renewed world demand for detailed engineering of newbuild offshore drilling and production units.

The joint venture will expand F&G's engineering capabilities by offering to its clients detailed engineering and turnkey projects at very competitive rates. CSDC's expertise in shipbuilding detail engineering combined with F&G's world renowned rig designs will allow FGC to market newbuild designs as well as other engineering services with better-quality results at below market prices.

F&G and CSDC have worked closely on several projects in the past. The success of these projects formulated the foundation of the joint venture by bringing to light the mutually beneficial and complementary working relationship between F&G and CSDC. Operating as one company under the joint venture, FGC will offer its clients the most advanced and complete engineering services available in the industry.

Friede & Goldman is the world leader in the design of Mobile Offshore Drilling and Production units. F&G combines over 60 years of design experience with the innovative design technology created by today's advanced engineering staff.

China Ship Design & Research Center Co., Ltd. was established as an innovative technology platform of civil ship design with the goal of becoming the strongest and most advanced design & research engineering company in the industry. CSDC has the manpower and expertise to provide the highest quality engineering and design services for all ship and rig building companies.