Pan Orient Completes Drilling POE-6 Well Onshore Thailand

Pan Orient Energy has drilled, logged and is currently casing POE-6, the fourth well of a planned seven well Phase 1 drilling program located onshore Thailand.

Hydrocarbon shows and elevated mud gas readings were encountered over a combined interval of 128 meters while drilling through various targets between 700 to 1,200 meters. Shortly after drilling through the G sand target, crude oil approximately 1/2 centimeter in depth covered the entire reserve mud pit. Preliminary log analysis indicates a total net pay of approximately 22.8 meters in thickness; 10.2 meters in the G sand, 4 meters in the F sand as well as two other zones with 4.9 and 3.7 meters. The POE-6 well was primarily targeting the G sand reservoir in a large fault block that extends approximately 2.5 kilometers north and up structure of the POE-6 location. This is a separate fault block from the main Wichian Buri field, and, to date, no production has been established in the fault block penetrated by POE-6.

We expect testing to commence in early October subject to the in-country arrival of perforation charges and transport to the concession. A service rig has been contracted and will allow for extended pump testing of the newly drilled wells to establish the potential for commercial production. It will then move to existing producing wells in an attempt to enhance production performance. Current field production is approximately 120 bbls/d (gross) and expected to increase further with the newly drilled wells coming on stream, the change over of WB-N6 to beam pump, the perforation of the G sand in both WB-N4 and WB-N6 and the work over of WB-N2 that has been shut-in since packing off with sand 6 months ago.

The Aztec #7 drill rig will move to our fifth location, POE-3, located approximately 1.5 km south east of POE-6, in the main producing Wichian Buri field. Pan Orient operations have been unaffected by recent political events in the Kingdom of Thailand and management foresees no impact on future operations.

Pan Orient is a Calgary, Alberta based oil and gas exploration and production company with operations currently located onshore Thailand and in Western Canada.