Sercel to Acquire Vibtech

Sercel, a subsidiary of Compagnie Generale de Geophysique (CGG) has acquired all the outstanding shares in Vibration Technology Limited in a private transaction, for a cash consideration.

Based in Scotland, Vibtech, founded in 1996, has pioneered the use of advanced wireless technologies for seismic recording. This technology has now reached a new stage with the recent release of the Unite system, and field trials of this new generation equipment have attracted interest from both oil companies and seismic contractors.

The Unite system developed by Vibtech is a unique versatile product capable of recording and transmitting data in a stand alone or real time mode, enabling quality control while recording and capable of handling thousands of channels. Use of new transmission technologies also reduces limitations inherent to radio frequencies.

It is expected that the combination of Sercel expertise in seismic recording and new skills arising from Vibtech's development group will help expand the capabilities of the Sercel portfolio of products and integrate advanced wireless technology with its latest generation products.

Vibtech will remain as a separate legal entity and pursue the sale of the Unite system under its name, but will progressively combine its strengths, particularly its 25 employees with those of Sercel in all areas including R&D, marketing and manufacturing.