Redline's WiMAX Products Connect Gulf of Mexico Oil Rigs

Redline Communications and AlanDick, the communications infrastructure specialist, will deploy the world's first multipoint WiMAX network at sea. Redline's industry-leading broadband wireless system will be used by Pemex to establish the high-speed WiMAX connections on board a cluster of 11 offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

"This project represents the world's first WiMAX network deployment to an oil rig cluster, and the first major WiMAX network in Mexico," said John Oliver, AlanDick group marketing manager for broadband technology.

"After a thorough review of available technologies, we selected Redline's RedMAX equipment to provide the reliable, secure, high-throughput links that Pemex needs. WiMAX's inherent flexibility, coupled with the high performance of the Redline RedMAX kit used in the project, has allowed Pemex to make the right choice in terms of technology, hardware and, of course, system integrator."

The 11 oil production platforms owned by Pemex, one of Mexico's major companies, are located up to 16kms (10 miles) offshore from Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche and span an average of 10kms (6 miles) between each platform. The 3.4 GHz WiMAX network uses double redundancy components and systems at all points in the network to minimize environmental interference that could significantly impact data throughput and link reliability.

"AlanDick's WiMAX knowledge and technical capabilities have positioned the company among the world leaders in driving WiMAX deployments for companies in a wide range of industries and environments," said Kevin Suitor, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Redline Communications. "This 'world first' WiMAX network oil rig deployment demonstrates the breadth of AlanDick's expertise and the robustness and reliability of Redline's RedMAX systems."

"Redline's RedMAX products support several different data modulation schemes to deliver an unmatched combination of range, capacity, security, and reliability, even in very challenging environments like those found in the Gulf of Mexico. RedMAX is an ideal solution for off-shore oil rig deployments where the distances and variable, often hostile, weather conditions test the performance limitations of any communications technology," said Suitor.