Wood Group Production & Generator Services Opens Facility in Lafayette

Wood Group Production Services ("WGPS") and Wood Group Generator Services ("WGGS"), both part of international energy services company John Wood Group PLC, have opened a joint facility in Lafayette, Louisiana to better serve oil, gas, petrochemical, refining and power customers on the Gulf Coast.

WGPS is expanding its current mechanical maintenance shop to include WGGS personnel. WGPS provides overhaul services for engines often on the same skid as a generator. WGGS will now be in place to locally repair and rebuild generators that would have been previously shipped to an outside entity. This synergy between Wood Group companies helps avoid delays often caused by outsourcing the work.

The new facility puts WGGS, formerly only based in New Mexico, closer to the Gulf of Mexico and numerous onshore facilities throughout the southeast. WGGS will be managed by shop supervisor Roussell Picou, a former employer of WGPS, whose experience includes work as an electrical technician on Gulf of Mexico platforms. Dan Trull, presently the manager of WGPS' mechanical department, will have overall responsibility for the facility on behalf on WGPS.

"This new facility is an excellent opportunity for both companies to expand their services in the Gulf of Mexico, and work with one another in the process," said Dan Trull. "The facility's central location will allow us to more fully serve customers along the Gulf Coast."

"Wood Group companies are working together to provide a competitive solution for their customers," said David Branton, president of WGGS. "Growth opportunities for both companies have resulted from this joint facility, with WGGS bringing opportunities from the power and petrochemical refining sector and WGPS bringing opportunities from the drilling and production side of the oil and gas sector."

The new facility is located at:

136 Galbert Road
Lafayette, LA 70506
Phone: +1 337 593 9442
Fax: +1 337 769 0144