IHS Introduces Expanded Capabilities of Enerdeq Desktop

IHS Inc. has expanded capabilities of IHS Enerdeq Desktop Version 1.1, the next-generation of AccuMap in Canada. This new version allows global clients to analyze and map the most comprehensive exploration and production (E&P) data in Canada, as well as overlay their proprietary spatial and production data – directly from their desktop.

AccuMap has long been the software standard for mapping, querying and browsing land, well, midstream, seismic and log data for the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and Frontier areas. Enerdeq Desktop now extends the core functions common to all IHS Enerdeq products – a single unified view of the data, with highly-integrated map, query, report and graphing functions – to the engineering community.

Vern Campbell, independent consultant with 2Com Consulting Inc., said, "As an oil and gas consultant and long-time AccuMap user, I need to gather and massage data in a way that's fast and intuitive. I don't know of any other products on the market that are as robust as Enerdeq Desktop, and you don't have to be a programmer to use it. It's like AccuMap on steroids."

From production engineers to investors, Enerdeq Desktop allows users to:

  • integrate proprietary data with IHS Canadian public data sets so that it can be mapped, analyzed and sorted in ways that provide confidence that all possible variables are taken into account when making key decisions;
  • improve workflow by providing oil and gas data from any company with a single, easy-to-export query, saving time and freeing personnel to focus on other mission-critical work; and
  • increase productivity of production engineers by allowing them immediate access to the latest production data and flexible graphing tools needed for specialized analysis.

Enerdeq Desktop is the latest addition to the Enerdeq line, which is the IHS data access and integration platform offering flexible methods of access that suit different user needs and workflows. Other Enerdeq solutions include Web browser, Web services and Internet/Intranet versions, allowing energy companies to tailor rich, fast data access to the task at hand.

Betty Comperen, RET, project coordinator for Process Engineering LTD, said, "We have found IHS to be responsive to our needs, they have taken our input and incorporated feedback into future developments. Version 1.1 delivers on the requirements we identified through working with the earlier version.

Rich Herrmann, vice president of global product management for IHS, said, "Enerdeq Desktop allows our company to address a real industry pain point by introducing a blended data management solution containing commercial and proprietary data that is easy to implement, operate and maintain."

Enerdeq Desktop v1.1 is an open, Windows-based software package that allows single source and analysis to all pertinent oil and gas data.