BJ Services Makes Two Key Personnel Appointments in Louisiana

BJ Services

Mike Dubois has been appointed casing operations manager of BJ Tubular Services in Broussard, Louisiana. In his new role, Dubois manages this service line's operations throughout North America, particularly in the Gulf of Mexico. In addition, he oversees all quality assurance and health, safety and environmental programs, with overall responsibility for staff development and finance issues.

With 30 years experience in the oilfield service industry, Dubois brings a wealth of operations and management experience of the Gulf of Mexico market, particularly in casing running services. Prior to his appointment, Dubois worked for 23 years for Patterson Services, Inc. in Lafayette, Louisiana. For the past 14 years he served as assistant safety director for the company, and was involved in improving the company's safety and quality record. From 1983 to 1992, he was a casing crew pusher and supervisor for International Hammer Services, the casing, tubing and hammer division of Patterson Services. Originally from Crowley, Louisiana, Dubois, 49, reports to Dow Drobish, country operations manager – North America for BJ Tubular Services.

In addition, Chad Broussard has been appointed facility manager of the BJ Tubular Services base in Broussard. Before joining BJ Tubular Services, Broussard was an engineer for C. H. Fenstermaker and Associates in Lafayette, Louisiana. Broussard began his career in the oil industry in 2000, following his graduation from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Engineering. Broussard, 28, reports to Brad Pellegrin, area manager – Americas, for BJ Tubular Services. He is a native of Estherwood, Louisiana.

Both Dubois and Broussard are based in Broussard, and live in nearby Crowley, Louisiana.

"With the demand for our hammer conductor driving services, and casing and tubing running services escalating in the Gulf of Mexico, it was important to expand our team in Broussard," said Kenny Watt, division manager of BJ Tubular Services. "With Mike's in-depth experience of these services in the Gulf of Mexico, he was the ideal candidate for the position of casing operations manager. In addition, I have every confidence that with his engineering experience in the region, Chad will play an invaluable role in ensuring that we will continue to deliver our services efficiently, with the latest technology," he added.