Grant Prideco Introduces TurboTorque

Grant Prideco

Grant Prideco has introduced TurboTorque rotary-shouldered connections, a revolutionary new solution for the most extreme drilling environments. Designed specifically to deliver superior performance in deep water, ultra-deep, extended reach, HPHT and horizontal wells, new TurboTorque connections enable operators to drill deeper and faster than ever before.

Grant Prideco's industry-leading eXtreme® Torque (XT®) connections have been meeting the most demanding drilling requirements for years. "Now operators can get measurably improved performance with new TurboTorque connections," stated Randall Edwards, Grant Prideco's Senior Vice President - Sales and Marketing, Drilling Products and Services division.

"TurboTorque connections are the industry's first line of connections designed to meet the specific and different needs of each pipe size. Rather than designing one thread form and extrapolating upwards and downwards throughout the product line, we took a 'one size does not fit all' approach and engineered multiple connection designs to meet the different needs of each pipe size. The TurboTorque family of connections features a proprietary double-start thread form that reduces revolutions from stab to makeup by at least 50% to significantly cut drilling time and costs."

In addition to radically faster make-up and breakout speeds, TurboTorque connections deliver increased torque capacity, optimized hydraulics, improved clearance and fishability, reduced risk of failure and extended life. TurboTorque connections provide better mechanical and hydraulic performance than XT connections, yet they run as fast or faster than API connections.

The TurboTorque family of connections has been thoroughly engineered and tested to validate design and performance across all sizes. Tests included finite element analysis, stress concentration factor (SCF) determination, torque to yield, multiple make and break, comparative fatigue testing and multiple field trials.

TurboTorque's performance improvements are best illustrated when compared to API and other premium double-shouldered connections. "TurboTorque connections deliver radically faster make-up and breakout speeds, resulting in more efficient rig operations," stated Edwards. "For those unusual drilling situations, a unique 'torque on demand' feature can deliver an additional 8% of torque capacity when needed. Coupled with optimized hydraulics, a more streamlined profile, improved fatigue resistance and extended life, we believe that TurboTorque will enable the successful completion of world class wells while delivering significant operational savings."

Grant Prideco, headquartered in Houston, Texas, is the world leader in drill stem technology development and drill pipe manufacturing, sales and service; a global leader in drill bit technology, manufacturing, sales and service; and a leading provider of high-performance engineered connections and premium tubular products and services.