Swift Energy Seeking Exploration Partners

Swift Energy Company is seeking partners for three exploration deals located in Lavaca County, TX, Polk County, TX and Plaquemines Parish, LA.

The Delacroix Project Area is situated in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, approximately 40 miles south of New Orleans. The Project Area is comprised of nine known prospects and leads. This Project Area incorporates 20 square miles of 3D data and 1800 miles of 2D seismic profile data. Swift and its partners own leases and/or lease options covering approximately 54,000 gross acres within the Delacroix Project Area.

The Pearl Prospect is located in Lavaca County, Texas. Geologically, the Pearl Prospect is on trend with the Dry Hollow Field and is a 3D defined, faulted nose with a trapping mechanism described as a buried down to the south fault intersected by a buried down to the east fault. Swift Energy Company has acquired oil and gas leases covering 1,323 gross acres of land within the prospect area.

The Jaguar Prospect is located in central Polk County, TX approximately 6 to 8 miles west of the Double "A" Wells (Woodbine) Field. The primary objective of the Jaguar Prospect is the Upper Cretaceous "Woodbine" Sands. Swift Energy Company, has acquired oil and gas leases covering 4,537 gross and 3,252 net acres within the prospect area.

IndigoPool is assisting Swift Energy in locating partners for these projects. For more information about these properties, please visit the IndigoPool website.