Atwood Oceanic’s semisubmersible, Atwood Eagle has commenced drilling on the Yam-West-2 well offshore Israel for Isramco, Inc. The well is planned to reach a total depth of up to 10,500 feet in a water depth of 2,525 feet. The primary objective of the well is to test the existence of oil and/or gas at depth from 8,690 feet and deeper. An additional possible gas reservoir at a depth of 5,412 feet is the secondary objective. The anticipated duration of the drilling activity is 60 days. Following completion, it will be determined, based on the results, whether production tests will be carried out. Isramco holds a 1 percent interest in the well; partners are Isramco Negev 2 Limited Partnership, 85.9 percent; Delek Drilling Limited Partnership, 8 percent; and Naphtha Exploration Limited Partnership, 5 percent.