Tri-Valley Commences Operations on Second Temblor Valley Oil Well


Encouraged by finding even more oil saturated intervals than targeted in its first Temblor Valley well, the Lundin-Weber D-350-30, Tri-Valley has commenced operations on a step out well some 3,200 further west to expand field limits.

Targeting a total of 260 feet of oil saturated intervals in the Tulare, Etchegoin and Diatomite formations, the L-WD-350-30 found about 450 feet and the well is being prepared to hydraulically fracture the Diatomite zone as soon as the Halliburton frac unit comes available sometime this month.

Tri-Valley's Rig No. 103 is moving over to the next location to begin drilling the second well through the same three zones into the Diatomite section which is becoming a major producer in the South Belridge Oilfield that Temblor Valley adjoins.

"The Temblor Valley property located in California was originally acquired and marginally developed in 1924 with all production coming from just the Etchegoin formation. Neither the prolific shallow Tulare nor the more extensive Diatomite have been produced and similar properties in the area have achieved impressive production rates from those zones when densely drilled," said Joseph R. Kandle, president of Tri-Valley Oil & Gas Co. and Great Valley Production Services LLC, both operating subsidiaries of Tri-Valley Corporation.

Because of previous wells that have penetrated the Diatomite at the new location area, Tri-Valley is confident it will encounter the formation which can now be produced abundantly with modern recovery techniques.

"We believe the 700 acre Temblor Valley property can accommodate hundreds of wells, all using modern recovery technology that has proved successful in the adjoining oil field for very long life production. Even the modest Etchegoin wells on our lease have been producing over 80 years so we are excited as we begin our drilling campaign to develop this property to reward our shareholders and projects partners," said F. Lynn Blystone, president and chief executive officer.