Kristin Field Inaugurated


A piece of pioneering technology will greet Norwegian finance minister Kristin Halvorsen today, September 21st, when she performs the official inauguration of the Kristin field.

This Statoil-operated gas and condensate field, which lies at the southern end of the Halten Bank in the Norwegian Sea, is characterized by high reservoir pressure and temperature.

At 910 bar and roughly 170°C, these values are the highest for any field so far developed on the Norwegian continental shelf.

"This project has been technologically demanding," acknowledges Eileen Buan, operations vice president for Kristin.

"We've mastered the challenges presented by developing a reservoir with high pressure and temperature which lies almost 5,000 meters under the seabed."

Kristin is the world's first reservoir with such extreme conditions to be produced by subsea installations. Statoil saw from the start that a hands-on approach was needed to achieve close collaboration between the various specialist teams involved.

Very challenging reservoir properties have demanded the development of new technology to control and recover Kristin's resources in a cost-effective manner.

The field has been developed with 12 production wells in four subsea templates, tied back to a semisubmersible production platform. Nine wells are highly deviated to ensure the required volume of output and to enhance value creation. Four wells remain to be completed, which presents a challenge now that production has begun.

On stream since November 3rd of last year, Kristin is currently producing roughly 10 million cubic meters of gas per day with good reliability, Ms. Buan reports.

Daily production capacity from the field is 125,000 barrels of condensate and just over 18 million cubic meters of rich gas.