FX Energy Starts Commercial Production from Wilga Well

FX Energy

FX Energy reported that commercial production has started from the Wilga well. The well has three different pay zones, and for the first few weeks the Company will vary the producing zones and the flow rates before stabilizing at optional production parameters. The gas is being sold under contract to the Warsaw area.

The Wilga field is located approximately 25 miles southeast of Warsaw. Production from the well comes from three Carboniferous zones at a depth of between 7,732 and 8,550 feet. FX Energy operates and owns 82% of the Wilga well and the 250,000 acre concession on which Wilga is located. The Polish Oil and Gas Company (POGC) owns the remaining 18%. Current plans call for a detailed reservoir test after producing the well for six months to assess the potential for drilling development wells in the Wilga area.


FX Energy also announced that the Zaniemysl well in western Poland will begin commercial production in the next few weeks. The Company owns 24.5% of the Zaniemysl well which is operated by POGC.

Winna Gora

The Winna Gora well has a rig on location and is expected to begin drilling operations within two weeks. The Company owns 49% of the Winna Gora well. POGC operates the well and owns 51%.