Varel International Expands Sales and Service in Mid-Continent Region

Varel International has opened their new regional office for the Mid-Continent area of the United States. The office, located in Oklahoma City, will provide all sales and service functions for oil and gas customers operating in Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.

"We would like to say a special 'thank you' to all of our customers who have helped us grow and made this move necessary," said William Burton, Vice President of Sales & Operations for Western Hemisphere-North at Varel International. "In the past year we have experienced incredible growth in the Mid-Continent region, which has fueled our ability to increase the number experienced personnel and new products operating in this market. Therefore, this move is purely out of necessity to continue to provide well-timed, well-valued and well-done service to our customers operating in the Mid-Continent region."