Brazil Sells 21 Exploration Blocks in 4th Licensing Round

The fourth annual auction of oil concessions has come to a close with only 21 blocks sold out of 54 on offer, according to the National Petroleum Agency. Demand at the auction and premiums paid by bidders were well below last year's levels due to an array of local and international factors. Below is a list of the auction results:
                                                 (in reais)
 Campos        BM-C-24   BHP Billiton          13.5mln/300,000
 Solimoes      BT-SOL-2  No bids                      /200,000
 Santos        BM-S-35   No bids                      /300,000
 Barreirinhas  BM-BAR-2  No bids                      /200,000
 Para-Maranhao BM-PAMA-7 No bids                      /300,000
 Potiguar      BT-POT-10 Dover Investments     2.35mln/100,000
Espirito Santo BM-ES-17  No bids                      /200,000
 Santos        BM-S-33   No bids                      /300,000
 Potiguar      BM-POT-13 Petrobras-led group  1.01 mln/200,000
                      (With El Paso  and Unocal)
Sao Francisco  BT-SF-1   No bids                      /200,000
Cumuruxatiba   BM-CUM-4  No bids                      /300,000
Espirito Santo BM-ES-20  Newfield Exploration  1.39mln/200,000
Reconcavo      BT-REC-7  Starfish Oil&Gas      121,700/100,000
Foz de AmazonasBM-FZA-2  no bids                      /200,000
Campos         BM-C-20   no bids                      /300,000
Potiguar       BM-POT-11 Petrobras-led group   316,000/200,000
                      (with El Paso)
Parnaiba       BT-PN-1   no bids                      /200,000
Santos         BM-S-32   no bids                      /300,000
Jequitinhonha  BM-J-2    Querioz Galvao SA     855,000/200,000
Espirito Santo BT-ES-15  Petrobras             653,421/100,000
Sergipe-AlagoasBM-SEAL-9 Petrobras-led group
                   with Partex oil&gas corp) 6.3mln/200,000
Paraiba        BM-PEPB-1 no bids                      /300,000
Campos         BM-C-21   no bids                      /200,000
Reconcavo      BT-REC-9  Queiroz Galvao        850,000/100,000
Espirito Santo BM-ES-18  No bids                      /200,000
Para-Maranhao  BM-PAMA-5 No bids                      /300,000
Santos         BM-S-30   No bids                      /200,000
Potiguar       BM-POT-14 No bids                      /300,000
Solimoes       BT-SOL-1  Petrobras             323,456/200,000
Santos         BM-S-34   No bids                      /300,000
Campos         BM-C-22   No bids                      /200,000
Maranhao       BM-BAR-3  Devon Energy Corp     6.75mln/300,000
Potiguar       BT-POT-9  Partex Oil&Gas        215,021/100,000
Santos         BM-S-28   No bids                      /200,000
Campos         BM-C-22   Petrobras, Shell      9.56mln/200,000
Potiguar       BM-POT-12 No bids                      /200,000
Sao Luis       BT-SL-1   No bids                      /100,000
Foz do AmazonasBM-FZA-3  No bids                      /300,000
Espirito Santo BM-ES-19  No bids                      /200,000
Reconcavo      BT-REC-8  Queiroz Galvao        911,000/100,000
Cumuruxatiba   BM-CUM-3  No bids                      /200,000
Potiguar       BM-POT-15 No bids                      /300,000
Santos         BM-S-31   Shell               13.91 mln/200,000
Potiguar       BT-POT-8  Petrobras            2.85 mln/100,000
Sergipe-AlagoasBM-SEAL-8 No bids                      /300,000
Campos         BM-C-23   No bids                      /200,000
Espirito Santo BT-ES-14  Partex               1.02 mln/100,000
Para-Maranhao  BM-PAMA-6 No bids                      /200,000
Pelotas        BM-P-1    No bids                      /300,000
Santos         BM-S-29   Maersk Olie          15.1 mln/200,000
Amazonas       BT-AM-2   No bids                      /200,000
Jequitinhonha  BM-J-3    Petrobras, Statoil   13.2 mln/300,000
Espirito Santo BM-ES-16  No bids                      /200,000
Reconcavo      BT-REC-10 Petro Reconcavo      1.13 mln/100,000
*NOTE - BM=offshore and BT=onshore.