CanArgo Temporarily Halts Drilling on Manavi M12

CanArgo Energy says that while drilling ahead on the Manavi M12 well through the Cretaceous limestone reservoir a significant gas influx was observed, with up to 20% gas recorded at surface and with heavily gas-cut drilling mud. Traces of condensate were also observed in the mud. Drilling was temporarily halted at a depth of 4,733 meters (15,528 feet) in order to increase the mud weight to control the flow. Cuttings samples indicate a fractured porous vuggy white limestone, and oil/bitumen staining has been noted together with light oil/condensate shows. The mud weight is still being increased to control the well, after which it is planned to re-commence drilling through the reservoir whilst hydrocarbon shows continue. It is anticipated that total depth will be reached in early October 2006 after which logs will be run to evaluate the zones to be tested.

The Manavi M12 well is located in the Republic of Georgia.