Schlumberger and Apache Collaborate on Data Project

Schlumberger reports that WesternGeco has acquired the rights to a data whitening technology from Apache Corporation. Through an ongoing technology collaboration, WesternGeco will continue to work with Apache to develop and commercialize the technology.

"The Monk-Whitening algorithm has proven to enhance 3D seismic data, providing more detailed images than traditional techniques," said Mike Bahorich, executive vice president, E&P Technology, Apache. "WesternGeco was a natural partner through our existing technology alliance and this technology provides value in numerous areas."

This unique signal processing algorithm is designed to improve structural interpretation of geophysical data by enhancing the high-frequency spectrum. Developed by Apache, the algorithm was tested as part of the ongoing collaborative Apache-WesternGeco technology alliance.

Based on its proven ability to extend the usable frequency bandwidth for structural interpretation without introducing noise or amplitude and phase distortions, WesternGeco plans to incorporate this technology into its Omega* suite of seismic data processing technologies.

"This technology will enhance structural continuity, boost resolution and optimize the amplitude and phase consistency for improved reservoir characterization," said Craig Beasley, Schlumberger Fellow.

Q-Technology* single-sensor seismic hardware and software and the Omega suite of data processing technologies deliver a comprehensive and integrated acquisition, data processing and reservoir solution, spanning The Seismic Continuum* from survey modeling through to advanced imaging, rock property inversion, and time-lapse (4D) analysis.