Providence Resources Awards Seismic Work to Gardline Geosurvey

Providence has awarded a comprehensive 2-D and pseudo 3-D seismic survey contract to Gardline Geosurvey Ltd over specific assets within its Celtic Sea and St George's Channel Basin license portfolio. Expected to commence within the next month, the program will provide a total of 500 km of high resolution 2-D seismic data on the Hook Head and Pegasus structures, together with a 16 sq km pseudo 3-D seismic survey over the Ardmore gas field. The survey is planned to take approximately 3 weeks to acquire.

Commenting on today's announcement, Tony O'Reilly jnr, Chief Executive of Providence Resources P.l.c. said:

"We have an active period ahead. These seismic surveys are an important step in assessing Providence's asset development program for its portfolio of prospects in the Celtic Sea and St George's Channel. The results will allow us to better define future work programs, including specific drilling and development locations.