TGS-NOPEC Begins New Multi-Client CSEM Surveys in Norway

TGS-NOPEC Geophysical has commenced a series of new multi-client Controlled Source Electromagnetic (CSEM) surveys in the Norwegian Sea and Troms III area, offshore Norway. Depending on favorable weather conditions, up to ten separate surveys will be acquired this season.

The CSEM survey locations were designed based upon analysis of TGS multi-client seismic data in the region and are designed to test potential hydrocarbon prospects. The CSEM method can be used, under given circumstances, to identify highly resistive bodies like hydrocarbon bearing reservoirs in the subsurface and to reduce exploration risk for oil and gas companies.

The CSEM surveys are being acquired in partnership with OHM, an Aberdeen-based CSEM technology provider. The two companies previously collaborated in 2005 to create a successful multi-client CSEM survey in Norway and have elected to generate additional CSEM projects this season. The 2006 CSEM surveys are supported by industry pre-funding.