Schlumberger Expands Singapore Artificial Lift Product Center


Schlumberger recently celebrated the official opening of the Schlumberger Singapore Artificial Lift Product Center at Benoi Crescent in Jurong.

The September 8th event marked the opening of a near 50% expansion of the facility, which manufactures electric submersible pumping (ESP) systems, both fully assembled units as well as parts for service and repair of ESPs, for the oil and gas industry worldwide.

Manohar Khiatani, director of logistics and transport, Singapore Economic Development Board, officiated as guest of honor, and Don Sweet, president, Artificial Lift, Schlumberger, unveiled the commemorative plaque.

"I am delighted with Schlumberger's decision to expand in Singapore," said Teo Ming Kian, chairman, Singapore Economic Development Board. "This is a firm endorsement of Singapore's attractiveness as a location for oil and gas equipment manufacturing. We thank Schlumberger for its confidence in Singapore and look forward to deepening our long-standing relationship even further."

"Schlumberger has a long history of development and success at this Benoi Crescent facility," said Sweet. "Singapore provides economic advantages as well as geographic and logistic advantages to major oil and gas development activities." This expansion project was launched with a groundbreaking ceremony on November 25, 2005. Prior to expansion Schlumberger had two buildings, one for the assembly of ESPs and the other for the manufacture of parts. This plant expansion adds a third building, additional machinery and equipment to increase the production of ESP systems.

The plant currently has a total workforce of 626, of which 85 have been added this year as a result of the plant expansion and increase in production activities.

Electric submersible pumps are one of many methods of artificial lift—a range of technical solutions deployed to improve or enable production in wells where the bottomhole pressure is not sufficient for the wells to flow naturally. The vast majority of the world's wells require artificial lift, so it is a growing segment of the oilfield industry.

The Schlumberger Singapore Artificial Lift Product Center, registered as Reda Production Systems, first started operations in Singapore in 1970 as a warehouse in a rented facility to sell ESPs and parts to Indonesia. This business rapidly evolved from warehousing to assembly and repair and the market expanded to all of Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa. To meet the strong growth in demand for ESPs, the first facility for assembly, 7 Benoi Crescent, was built in 1980, and the second facility for the manufacture of components including a foundry to produce castings, 5 Benoi Crescent, was built in 1984. The plant has continued to expand year after year due to strong product demand.