Maxim Encounters Pay at Cooke #5 Well in Texas

Maxim Resources has been notified by the project operator, Bayshore Exploration L.L.C that the Cooke #5 well in the Cooke Ranch Field, La Salle County, Texas has been successfully drilled to a depth of 6,850 feet. Several potential pay zones have been encountered. The well has been logged and production casing has been run. The well will require two to three weeks of testing to determine flow rates.

The Cooke NO.5 well offsets NO.3 by approximately 1200 feet N.E. The Cooke Ranch Field, where a 10 well program is anticipated this year, is currently producing 145 BOEPD per day from the Cooke NO.3 well.

Maxim holds a 9.5 per-cent working interest in approximately 8800 acres.

Maxim is a natural resource company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, and development of oil and gas properties. Maxim currently holds a 9.5% working interest in the the production and exploration of the Cook Ranch Field, a 75% net revenue interest in the Palo Duro Basin Prospect and a 15% working interest in the El Maton Field Prospect all located in Texas, USA. Maxim also holds a 69% working interest in the South Erin Block located in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies.