COSL Sees Successful Debut of ELIS in Bohai


As the Enhanced Logging Image System ("ELIS") completed the logging services in LD (Liao Dong) 5-2-A15 on September 2, 2006, it marked the success of COSL's latest self-developed logging system, with complete self-owned intellectual property right, in Bohai. Before the operation commenced, the Company's specialized unit had gone through cautious preparation, focusing on the stability of the system and demonstrating onsite tests to ensure the successful operation.

On August 27, the equipment of ELIS was shipped to LD5-2 in Bohai. The workers arrived on August 30 for testing. They carried out regular tests for the equipment on consecutive nights until 4am.

As planned, logging services was conducted for A15 well by 5700 system on September 1. ELIS was then carried out for logging on September 2 for a total of seven hours, from 5:00 to 12:00. Finally, a safe, quality and highly efficient logging service was completed.

Before that, the Company's ELIS had successfully operated in UAE and won recognition from the market. This is the first operation of the system in Bohai.