ONGC Resumes Gas Processing Operations at Hazira

ONGC's Hazira Plant has finally restored gas processing operations to its pre-shutdown level before the floods. The biggest gas processing unit of the country which supplies gas to the cross-country HVJ pipeline was shutdown on August 7, 2006 due to flooded waters from the adjoining river Tapi. Shutdown at Hazira Plant halted supply of natural gas enroute 2800 Km HVJ pipeline through the states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Delhi.

Looking at the wide scale damages at Hazira Plant due to ravaging floods the restoration of operations to normalcy was initially scheduled by end of September, 2006. The visit of Executive Committee of ONGC, Shri R S Sharma, C&MD, Dr A K Balyan, Dir(HR) and Shri N K Mitra, Dir(Off) to Hazira Plant on 15th / 16th August 2006 was a major boost to the moral of the team Hazira. EC after their Hazira visit announced anticipated restoration of normalcy by 20th September, 2006, (ten days ahead of the initial schedule of Sept end). The pace of revival activities was further expedited by quick mobilization of all the resources and Sh. P K Johri, Executive Director, Head of Hazira Plant further compressed the revival schedule from 20th to 12th September, 2006. Finally, gas processing operations at Hazira reached a throughput level of 40 MMSCMD today (8/9/2006) twenty two days ahead of the initial schedule of 30th September with the restart of it's seventh unit of GSU (Gas Sweetening Unit).

Operations were revived in a phased manner from 6 Million on 19/08/06 to 40 Million on 8th Sept,2006. The actual start-up of the process units has always remained ahead of the schedule. With less than a week after the flood waters receded, Hazira Plant facilitated restoration of gas processing to the tune of 6 MMSCMD when it started its first unit on 19th August, 2006. It was 2 days ahead of schedule. It reached 12 MMSCMD processing 2 days ahead on 21st August, 2006. Processing was further increased to 18 MMSCMD on 26th August, 2006. The gas processing touched 23 MMSCMD a day ahead on 1st September, 2006 and 28 MMSCMD on 2nd September, 2006 which is 5 days ahead of schedule. Gas processing was restored to 33 MMSCMD on 7/09/06 and the normal processing of 40 MMSCMD finally started on 8/09/06 with the start-up of seventh train on 8/09/06. Re-commissioning of the entire plant was being personally monitored by office of the Director (Offshore) & C&MD and at the Plant Level by Shri P K Johri, Executive Director, Head Hazira Plant.